Due to COVID-19 our GP/Nurse Practitioner appointment system has changed.  To request a call from the Clinicians please complete our E-Consult as seen on our main page.  You may receive an email reply, telephone or video consult or face to face which is at the discretion of the clinician.  All acutely unwell children and urgent cases are dealt with the same day; this could be face to face, telephone, video call or home visit and is at the discretion of the Clinician.  

E-consult will navigate you to the most appropriate option for your query, whether that is self help, dentist, optician or submitting a request for medication or appointment.  The form you need to complete can seem a little daunting and time consuming but this provides the Clinicians with the best information to help you, plus you can complete this form any time of day or night knowing that the information you provide will determine the correct course of action.  When necessary the form is sent directly to a Clinician who will deal with your query as quickly as possible.  You can also request sick notes, complete medical reviews and request  when and who you would like to contact you.

Nurse appointments are running normally, you can make an appointment by telephoning the surgery.  Please try not to come into the building to book an appointment unless essential and when attending for an appointment please attend alone where possible.

Thank you for your patience during this pandemic.

Aber Medical Centre has a varied selection of appointments available for booking; with this in mind we follow a Care Navigation System which directs you to the most appropriate appointment for you. 

When you call the surgery for an appointment you will be asked for a brief reason for the appointment, this is not to be nosy it is purely for the purpose of navigating you appropriately. You may be directed to an external agency such as Dentist, Optician or Pharmacy depending on the problem you disclose.  All our staff are competently trained in Care navigation and will direct you accordingly.  

Please check what appointment suits your needs the most before contacting us.

Pre-booked Appointments:-

These appointments are available for all clinics.  A Doctors appointment can be booked upto 4 weeks in advance for ongoing conditions.  You can book an appointment for a Doctor online by registering for our My Health Online facility. These appointments can be booked 4 weeks in advance and are not available in Surgery.

Nurses and phlebotomist appointments can be booked upto 2 months in advance for ongoing conditions.

Emergency Appointments:-

These appointments are for same day urgent medical conditions only, that cannot wait for a pre-booked appointment.  These are available by contacting the Surgery at 8am each day

48 hour emergency appointments-

These appointments are for urgent medical conditions only, that are deemed emergency but not essential the same day.  Maybe you have a medical problem that you feel is not same day necessary but can not wait until a pre-booked is available. 

House Call Request:-

For house bound patients with urgent medical conditions.  Please note a house call request must be submitted by 11am on the same day to ensure a Doctor can call out.  House visits are at the Doctors discretion, and patients requesting calls due to lack of transport will be refused.

Triage calls:-

You can request a triage call from a Doctor if you have a medical query that does not need a face to face consultation.  You will be offered a triage call if you need an emergency appointment, and there are none available.

Medication Review:-

When you are requested to make an appointment for a medication review, you are able to book in to see the Pharmacist who will review and update your medication.  Please check your prescriptions for advise as you may need to have blood tests before your review. 

Online booking only:-

These appointments are available for patients to book online when they register for My Health Online, (see tab 11 of Further Information list for full details)

The appointments currently available to book are:

GP appointments - for routine appointments only 

Blood appointments - for blood tests requested by a GP only.  If you book an appointment and it has not been authorised by a clinician your appointment may be cancelled in advance or you will be refused upon arrival.  

Cytology appointments, also known as Smear - appointments are with our Nursing team and must be booked once you have received a letter from Cervical Screening Wales.  If you book an appointment without and are not due for a screening test you will be refused.  Please note - should you be experiencing problems and are not due a routine screening please make an appointment with one of our Doctors

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